Drawn to Nature, Brushes With Wildlife

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I am an artist living in Canmore, Alberta, Canada surrounded by the inspiration of the Rocky Mountains and all the wonderous flora and fauna who live here.  I am deeply moved by the natural world and feel compelled to share my experiences through art.

My work is inspired by, and infused with nature and a love of all wildlife and the landscapes they inhabit. I aspire to capture moments of magic and translate my experiences into art brimming with realism, whimsy, and personality. I look at my subjects with a sense of wonder and amazement as I paint. I try to reflect the individuality of each subject. I want my audience to feel the same sense of wonder, expansive joy, and honour that I feel when I chance upon wildlife in their habitat where I am the guest.

About My Art

My work is influenced by time spent in nature and an affinity for all wildlife. I have found my heart, home, and inspiration in Canmore. I alternate between photorealistic watercolour paintings and whimsical ink pen and watercolour illustrations, both of which bring me immense joy to create. I enjoy experimenting with different media including ink, acrylic, watercolour, ink pen, and different painting surfaces. My favorite subjects are all the wonderful creatures I have met in the mountains, prairies, and beneath the sea. My art is a window into the magical way I see the world and every soul we share our planet with.

Instructions for living a life:

Pay attention.

Be astonished.

Tell about it.

- Mary Oliver “Sometimes”

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