About me

I grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan where I used to splash through sloughs in rubber boots, peek into blackbird nests, and paint animals on rocks with Acrylic paints.  

I put down my paintbrushes to study Geology after highschool. Geological fieldwork took me deep into the wilderness of northern Saskatchewan, northwestern Ontario, and Manitoba. My career brought me to Calgary, Alberta in 2002 where I worked full time as a Geologist until I quit in 2013 to travel the world. I returned from my travels with a fresh perspective, started my own Geological Consulting business, and soon followed my heart to Canmore in the fall of 2016. I rediscovered the joy of art in 2019 when I purchased my first 12 colour watercolour pan set and began painting regularly, following art tutorials online, and attending classes at Arts Place in Canmore. I have no formal art education but have learned from many generous artists.

My Inspiration

When I am not painting I love to hike, scramble up mountains, camp in the backcountry, ski, travel, and scuba dive.  Wherever I go, I try to spend time immersed in nature which always fills me with a sense of wonder and amazement.


When I move through nature I love to find animal tracks, feathers, bones, antlers… even scat!


I hike to experience nature.  The colours, sounds, light and shadow, trees, plants, mushrooms, stumps and all the little things.


I strive to capture and express the beauty all around me.


Travelling has taught me perspective and filled my eyes, mind, and heart with inspiration.


There’s a whole other world (and many more animals) beneath the water!  Scuba diving has given me another deep well of inspiration.

Animal Lover

I want to see, draw, and paint ALL the animals!

…like I said…ALL the animals!

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